ZX80\ZX81's released by Sinclair Edit

Name Region(s) Notes
ZX80 Europe

Timex Sinclair ZX81s Edit

Name Brand(s) Region(s) Notes
TS 1000 Timex US
TS 1500 Timex US

ZX80 Clones Edit

Name Manufacturer(s) Region(s) Notes
Lambda 8300 Lambda Electronics Hong Kong
NE-Z80 Prológica Brazil ZX80
TK82 Microdigital Brazil
Microdigital Brazil

ZX81 clones Edit

Name Manufacturer(s) Region(s) Notes
Apply 300 Brazil
CP-200 Prológica
CZ 1000 Czerweny Electronica Argentina
CZ 1500 Czerweny Electronica Argentina Actually a clone of the TS 1500

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