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Sega Genesis ( second model) Edit

Sega Genesis 3 (America) Edit

This model was compact and had 2 controller ports, but was missing the expansion port.

  • Smaller square shape
  • No expansion port or Headphone jack
  • No power LED, but there is a red mark underneath the power switch, which becomes visible when the Genesis 3 is turned on
  • One multi-output for picture and sound. It has the necessary pin outs to be able to use the Genesis 2 Stereo A/V cable [1]; though an apparent revision of the Genesis 3 was manufactured that is incompatible with stereo sound, despite also having the pinouts
  • Does not support Sega CD, Sega 32X, Power Base Converter or Game Genie.
  • "Sega Genesis 3" below cartridge slot
  • Model number MK-1641
  • In addition, Japanese Mega Drive cartridges (which do not contain an internal region lockout) can be played without a converter or modification, as the cartridge slot, which is the same shape as the original Japanese console, allows for these cartridges to be inserted freely.

Sega Mega Drive derived hardwareEdit

The Wondermega/X'eyeEdit

Sega Multi-Mega/CDXEdit

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Sega Multi-Mega (named the Sega CDX in North America) - An integrated Mega Drive/Genesis and Mega-CD/Sega CD console with the capability of also functioning as a portable CD player, aimed at the more affluent market. The British release sold at £350.

Sega TeraDriveEdit

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Mega PCEdit

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