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Sega Mega Drive 2[]

Sega Genesis ( second model)[]

Sega Genesis 3 (America)[]

This model was compact and had 2 controller ports, but was missing the expansion port.

  • Smaller square shape
  • No expansion port or Headphone jack
  • No power LED, but there is a red mark underneath the power switch, which becomes visible when the Genesis 3 is turned on
  • One multi-output for picture and sound. It has the necessary pin outs to be able to use the Genesis 2 Stereo A/V cable [1]; though an apparent revision of the Genesis 3 was manufactured that is incompatible with stereo sound, despite also having the pinouts
  • Does not support Sega CD, Sega 32X, Power Base Converter or Game Genie.
  • "Sega Genesis 3" below cartridge slot
  • Model number MK-1641
  • In addition, Japanese Mega Drive cartridges (which do not contain an internal region lockout) can be played without a converter or modification, as the cartridge slot, which is the same shape as the original Japanese console, allows for these cartridges to be inserted freely.

Sega Mega Drive derived hardware[]

The Wondermega/X'eye[]

Sega Multi-Mega/CDX[]

Main article: Sega Multi-Mega

Sega Multi-Mega (named the Sega CDX in North America) - An integrated Mega Drive/Genesis and Mega-CD/Sega CD console with the capability of also functioning as a portable CD player, aimed at the more affluent market. The British release sold at £350.

Sega TeraDrive[]

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Mega PC[]

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