The VC 4000 is an early 8-bit cartridge-based game console released in Germany in 1978 by Interton. The console is quite obscure outside Germany, but many software compatible systems can be found in many European countries (see 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System). It's unclear if Interton really made the VC 4000 from scratch or if they bought the rights and the design to produce it, as many other brands produced similar systems the following years.

The VC-4000 is powered by a Signetics 2650A CPU (same as the Arcadia 2001) and a Signetics 2636 Video Controller. The two controllers are composed of a 12-key keypad, 2 fire buttons and an analog joystick. On the control panel of the system, one can find an on/off switch and three buttons: RESET, SELECT and START.

Specs =Edit

  • CPU: 8-bit Signetics 2650AN at 4.43MHz
  • Audiovisual co-processor (video chipset, I/O Processor): Signetics

2636N at 3.58MHz, addressing 32Kb of memory in 8Kb banks. This chipset is powerless, unlike the later model Signetics 2637N used in the Arcadia 2001.

  • Data Memory: 43 bytes
  • Sprites: 4 single colour sprites (1 can be 8 colours)
  • Cartridge ROM: 2K/4K
  • 1 Score line displaying 4 BCD digits
  • Background consisting of a series of alternating lines
  • Controllers: 2 x 12-button with 2-axis control stick
  • Power Supply: Input 250V, 50Hz; Output 9.5V, .4A & 15V, .11A (note

that the 1392 and MPU-2000 systems have the power pack inside the console rather than an exterior power pack)

Clones Edit

VC 4000 consoles come in 6 groups. Its not fully known which consoles were completely compatible with each other. [1]

The Interton VC-4000 sub-group Edit

  • Interton VC-4000
  • Grundig Super Play Computer 4000

The 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System sub-group Edit

Mostly comes in two varieties, 1292 that has external power supply, and 1392 that has internal power supply.

The Database sub-group Edit

Videomaster Database Waddington/Voltmace Database

The Television Computer System sub-group Edit

  • Rowtron Television Computer System

The Video TV Game sub-group Edit

  • Karvan Jeu Video TV (Karvan Video TV Game)
  • Societe Occitane Electronique OC-2000 (Occitane Electronic Company OC-


The MPT-05 sub-group Edit

  • ITMC MPT-05

Games Edit

Emulation Edit

MESS supports the VC-4000 family.

References Edit

  1. 1292 FAQ at Console Database retrieved on April 15, 2010.
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