As a family of operating systems, Unix includes all Unix-like Operating Systems.

Name Producer(s) Version(s) Port(s)\Chipset(s)\Platform(s) Notes
A/UX Apple Macintosh 68000-based servers N/A
Amiga Unix AMIX) Commodore Amiga (A2000UX, and A3000UX only) Direct port of AT&T SR4 to Commodore Amiga
BSD Berkley University 2.x. 3.x, 4.x many N/A
Darwin Apple 1.0 - 8.1 x86, mac ppc, mac x86, mac amd64, amd64
DG-UX Data General Nova & Eclipse Data General's Unix-like OS
FreeBSD FreeBSD team 1.0 - 6.0 i386 PCs, s/390, PowerPC Macs, x86 Macs Member of BSD Family
HP-UX HP HPs workstations
IRIX SGI SGI's MIPs based Workstations
Linux Travaldis, Linus 0.9 - 2.6 s390, x86, Macppc, Mac-x86, Sparc, Alpha Linux is actually a Unix-like kernal w\ base utilities.
Lunix Commodore 64
Mac OS X Apple 10.0 - 10.6 Mac PPC Mac x86, Mac x64 Based on Darwin,
Minix amd64, ppc, x86 and 68000
NetBSD NetBSD Team 5.0? Vax, alpha, i386, acorn24, acorn32, amiga, amigappc, ia_64, amd64, macppc, mac68k, mips, ARM Member of BSD Family
OpenBSD OpenBSD Team
OpenUnix SCO Successor to Xenix
Sinix Siemans
Solaris Sun 2.5 - 2.5.1, 7.0 - 10.0 x86 and Sparc Solaris is the successor of SunOS
SunOS Sun 1.0 - ? Sparc
Unix A T & T Bell Labs I - X Many chipsets Original releases
Xenix produced by Microsoft for SCO Intel 80186 to Intel 80386

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