The U800 series of 8-bit CPUs were manufactured in the East Bloc. The series does include a couple of 16-bit CPUs, too.

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U808 Edit

This 8-bit CPU is a Z80 knock-off.

U808D Edit

This Z80 knock-off started production in 1979.

U84C00 Edit

This is a clone of the U880D.

U880, U880D Edit

Manufactured in DDR, these Z80 knockoffs started production in 1981. The U880 ran at 2.25 MHz.

U880A, UA880 Edit

Thee are East German clones of the Z80a.

UB880 Edit

Where was Z80a clone produced?

UB8001 Edit

This is one of the East-blocks 16-bit CPUs.

UB8830 Edit

Produced by Robotron, this CPU was 8-bit. Unlike most East-bloc 8-bit CPUs, this was a knock off of the Zilog Z8. Ut ran at 8 MHz.

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