TRS-DOS is Tandy's first-party operating system for the TRS-80 line of computers.

TRS-DOS Release History Edit

  • TRS-DOS v1.03.03
  • TRS-DOS v1.2 (1980)
  • TRS-DOS v1.3 (1980)
  • TRS-DOS v1.5 (1989) some reason its labeled GRL Soft, could this be an unoffical patch to v1.3?
  • TRS-DOS v2.0 (1978)
  • TRS-DOS v2.1 (1978) There are versions labeled 1979 at Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived site.
  • TRS=DOS v2.3 (1979)
  • TRS-DOS v2.7DD (1981) Apparently there is some patched copies
  • TRS-DOS v2.8DD
  • TRS-DOS v3.0

Model 4 only versions Edit

These all seem to be in the version 6.00 series. Unlike the earlier versions these are produced by Tandy and Logical Systems.

  • TRS-DOS v6.00.00 (1983)
  • TRS-DOS v6.01.00 (1983)
  • TRS-DOS v6.01.01 (1983)
  • TRS-DOS v6.01.02 (1983)
  • TRS-DOS v6.02.00 (1983?) There seems to be a version labeled AN and AR
  • TRS-DOS v6.02.01 (1984) There seems to be versions labeled AN and AR

Alternate releases Edit

There are several releases. The main ones are NewDOS, LDOS, DoubleDOS, DOSPlus,MultiDOS, and Ultra DOS.

DOSPlus Edit

Not to be confused with Digital Research's DOS Plus, this operating system came in two basic flavprs: DOSPLus and DOSPlus IV. Both were released by Micro-Systems Software Inc.

Double DOS Edit

Initially released By Percom Data Company, this system may just be a patched version of TRS-DOS to work with Percom hardware. Also of note, all the version seem to be for the TRS-80 Model I.


MultiDOS Edit

MultiDOS was released by Cosmopolitan Electronics Corporation.


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Sources Edit

[Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived site. retrieved April 15, 2010 at 6:37 EST.

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