Manufacturer: Sinclair Research, Ltd
CPU(s): 68008
Platform\family: QL

The QL was first 16-bit home computer. It proved that 16-bit computers could be affordable and would appeal to home users. The QL has versions for the US market and several European market. In addition the BIOS went through several revisions. The latest official version is either 1.10 (JS) or 1.11 (MG) with later revisions issued including the unreleased (Tyche) 2.05, Minerva and SMSQ/e operating systems.

The QL was launched as a business machine, complete with two built in Sinclair ZX Microdrives, 128K, full sized keyboard and 4 business programs by Psion (Quill - Word-processor, Archive - Database program, Easel - Business Graphics and Charts, Abacus - Spreadsheet) and a powerful SuperBASIC.

The display memory is 32K in size and supports two standard modes - 4 colours in 512x256 pixels, or 8 colours in 256x256 pixels (each individual pixel in the 8 colour mode can also have a flash attribute).

A wide range of business and games software has been released over the years (over 1200 titles have been identified), and the QL is still supported by some traders, a user group (Quanta), which organises QL workshops and publishes a bi-monthly magazine. Up until 2013, there was even an independent quarterly magazine (QL Today).

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