Master System
Type Game console

Around the same time that Nintendo released the NES, Sega released its 3rd 8-bit console, the Master System. Like the NES. the Master System had several clones,

Name Manufacturer Region Notes
Master System\Mark III Sega World Wide Notes: The Mark 3 was its Japanese name. This version had a cartridge slot and a card slot.
Master System II Sega  ?  ?
Gam*Boy Samsung Made in Korea A post-Sega console? This isn't a clone. It's a licensed Sega product under a Koreanized name as per Korean laws for Japanese products at the time.
Tec Toy is a licensed partner. None of the Tec Toy machines are clones as they are official Sega products, although some are emulators of the original Sega products.
Sega Master System II Tec Toy Brazil
Sega Master System III Tec Toy Brazil
Sega Master System Compact Tec Toy Brazil
Sega Master System Girl Tec Toy Brazil A pink SMS Compact