RCA (CDP)1802 (aka RCA COSMAC, COSMAC 1802) is an 8-bit CMOS microprocessor (µP) introduced by RCA in early 1976, and presently being manufactured by Intersil Corporation. The 1802 has an architecture quite different from most other 8-bit microprocessors.

(* COSMAC is an acronym for COmplementary Silicon Metal-oxide Conductor, which was RCA's term for its first CMOS (COS/MOS) semiconductor technology.)

Applications Edit

Commercial applications included the MIL Key building access control system, made in Australia, and marketed by Philips in Europe in the 1980s.

A number of early microcomputers were based on the 1802, including the Comx-35, COSMAC ELF, COSMAC VIP, ELF II, SuperELF, Finnish Telmac 1800 and Oscom Nano, and Yugoslav Pecom 32 and 64, as well as the RCA Studio II game console (one of the first consoles to use bitmapped graphics).

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