Personal CP/M
Developer(s) Digital Research
User Interface CLI

Though it also came on floppy disk, Personal CP/M was the ROM based version of CP/M. There seems to be at least two versions of Personal CP/M-8000: 1.2 and 1.3. Like CP/M-8000, Personal CP/M-8000 was released for specific Olivetti microcomputers.

Personal CP/M-86 Edit

Persoanl CP/M-86 (PC/PM-86) was released for IBM XT compatible microcomputers. It supported bigger hard disks than CP/M-86. There appears to be German and English versions still redistributed on various websites. In addition, Personal CP/M existed for Apricot computers. This versions BDOS version was 3.1.

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Unofficial CP/M website

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Unooffical CP/M website

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