This family of pong machines was based off the General Instruments AY-3-8500 chips. These consoles were common in Europe. As time went on the games got more complicated than the usual pong variations and started including racing and light gun games. However with the introduction of consoles that used Roms for true programmability these systems became obsolete overnight. For some reason there seems to be oodles of these things all over Europe, mainly due to the fact that Europe didn't see the immediate release of the Atari and Intellivision consoles, which gave indie companies more time to sell their own (cheap) systems. These systems are easily identifiable by the presence of ten buttons or switches that select the game modes. Graphics are essentially pong, and sound is of the bleep bleep variety. [1]

These however aren't the same as the VC 4000 and 1292 console families.

Consoles in this family Edit

Cartridges Edit

All the cartridges for these machines are listed below.[2]

Model Number Title
PC-501 Sports / Supersportic
PC-502 Motor cycle
PC-503 Tank Battle
PC-504 Racing cars / Grand Prix / Race Car GP
PC-505 Submarine
PC-506 Super Wipeout
PC-507 Shooting Gallery
PC-508 6 jeux de base

There is a good chance that PC-508 is unreleased. Also some sources do give different names from Pong Story and different model numbers. Usually the companies would use their only model numbering scheme [3]

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