The Micral series was a low-end business computer series manufactured by Honeywell Bull in the 1980s.

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This machine's main CPU was an Intel 8088 that ran at 4.7 MHz.

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The Micral 80-22 was a 80386-based Minicomputer manufactured by Bull starting in July, 1989. This machine cost about 21,000.00 DM went it was new. The machine used s standard keyboard. It ran either Unix or Prologue for its primary operating System

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This machine had a Z80 that was 3MHz. It was shipped with 2 Megabytes of RAM, but the RAM could be sexpanded to 22 MB. The default hard drive was between 100 - 600 MB, and an optional 150 MB Streamer could be purchased.

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The Micrcal 90-20 could be either a single-user workstartion or a multi-user workstation. This workstation hit the market in October, 1984. It had 1 or 2 5,25" floppy drives, wach disk could hold up to 600KB of data. The machine could have a single 10 MB hard drive in one of its drive bays instead of a second 5.25" floppy drive. Also an optional 5 to 10 MB hard drive could be purchased and used with it.

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