MediaWiki is an open source free wiki engine written in PHP. MediaWiki is licensed under the free GNU license and is available for download from

Wikis running MediaWiki Edit

  • Wikipedia is probably the most popular wiki running MediaWiki. There, MediaWiki is a successor to UseMod
  • Wiktionary
  • wikiHow
  • Wikitravel
  • All Wikia wikis
  • Wikia

and thousands of other popular wikis.

MediaWiki as a Successor to UseMod Edit

UseMod was originally what powered Wikipedia, and it's still in use on some wikis, the most popular being MeatballWiki. UseMod used CamelCase for links where MediaWiki uses brackets. MediaWiki also allows for usernames and infinite page histories, where UseMod only keeps page histories for 2 weeks and you can't "own" a username per se. MediaWiki also has extensions that allow the system administrator to improve and add features. A few wikis that were previously running UseMod upgraded to MediaWiki

See also: MediaWiki Extension

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