This list is for all hardware families.. Please do not include variants and clones here. Before adding a platform here, please ask on the talk page. Not all hardware families are platforms.

Platform Name Type(s) Notes
3D0 Game console Multimedia device. Easy to pirate its games.
ABC 80 Home computer
ABC 800 family Home computer
Amiga Home computer amigappc is the PowerPC Amiga
Amiga OCS, Amiga AGA, and Amiga ECS are used by gamers.
Apple II Home computer This family of computers probably had the 2nd most clones, next to the PC.
Apple III Home computer
Arcadia 2001 Game console Popular in Europe, not so popular in North America or Japan.
Astrocade Game console One or two models exist. Not too well known.
Atari 8-bit family Home computer The computer version of the Atari 5200
Atari 2600 Game console First popular console
Atari 7800 Game console
Atari Lynx Handheld game system Not to be confused with the Camputers Lynx, please remember this is the first color handheld.
Atari ST Computer As a platform, includes the Mega ST(e), TT, and Falcon.
BBC Micro Home computer
Blackberry Smartphone
Commodore 16 Home computer A dismal failure of a platform ( when compared to Commodore's other platforms )
Commodore 128 Home computer
Commodore 64 Home computer and Game console The most common model of computer ever made. The C64GS is the console. Suprisingly there doesn't seem to be many clones.
Cassette Vision Game console Japanese console, competed with Famicom.
CBM-II Home computer Replacement for the Commodore PETs
Channel F Game console Early console
CD-i Game console CD-i was an multimedia console, mostly known for its bad Nintendo licensed titles.
ColecoVision Game console Most known for good arcade ports and a first-party device that allows people to play Atari 2600 games on the Coleco.
CoCo Home computer Commonly called the CoCo. First platform to run OS-9.
Commodore PET Home computer First successful Commodore platform.
CPC Home Computer Includes the GX-4000 and KC-Compact.
CPS-1 Arcade system
CPS Changer Game console Basically CPS-1 with Street Fighter Zero?
CPS 2 Arcade system Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter Alpha-era Capcom games were mostly for this system.
CPS 3 Arcade system
CreatiVision Game console
Cybiko PDA
Dreamcast Game console Has an arcade variant
Dreamcast VMU Console addon - Famicom Disk System Console addon requires Famicom
FM-7 Home computer
FM Towns Computer Also the FM Towns Marty line were game consoles.
Game Boy Handheld game system The standard in handheld gaming until the DS came on to the market.
Game Boy Advanced Handheld game system
Game Cube Game console
Game Gear Handheld game system Almost identical hardware to the Master System. Handheld game system
Gamete Handheld game system Probably the most sexual name for a system.
Gizmondo Handheld game system
Genesis\Mega Drive Game console Has two subplatforms, 32x and Sega CD.
Hartung Game Master Handheld game system Another cheap knockoff of the Game Boy. Not a clone in that the machines were not compatible. Also incompatible with the Watara Supervision.
Intellivision Game console One of two Intel-based game systems.
iPhone Smartphone and OS Platform includes OS, also the iPod Touch is part of this platform. Arguably the iPad as well.
Jaguar Home computer Last Atari console. 64-bit pile of junk.
Laser 100/200/300 and compatibles Home computer Are the Laser 100 and 200 in different platforms?
Laser 350/500/700/750 Home computer
LaserActive Game console Platform is based on laser discs. Very expensive consoles.
Leapster Handheld game system Educational system.
Lisa Home computer Early GUI system by Apple. 3 or 4 different models exist
M05 Home computer Early French computer.
Mac 68K Computer mac68k is used as a platform identifier
Mac PPC Computer macppc is used as a platform identifier
Intel Mac Computer and OS This platform includes the OS
Master System Game console Nearly identical to the game gear, just a different type of hardware.
Mega-CD\Sega-CD Console addon Requires a Mega Drive or Genesis
Mega Duck Handheld game system
MSX Home computer\Game console MSX is a hardware standard as well. The Zemmix consoles are either MSX or MSX2/2+ systems.
MSX2 Home computer Advanced MSX
N-Gage Smartphone and Handheld game system Looks like your talking to a taco when using this.
Neo Geo Game console
The 16-bit version. The 64-bit platform only had a few titles for it.
Neo Geo Pocket Handheld game system
Newton PDA Early PDA family from Apple
NES\Famicom Game console Known as the Fammicom in Japan, there is a fairly huge market of bootleg versions
Nintendo 64 Game console
Nintendo DS Handheld game system
Odyssey²\G7000\G7200 Game console Quite popular in France, elsewhere this platform was overshadowed by the 2600.
Oric line Home computer
Palm Pilot PDA The first popular PDA platform.
PC Computer
PC-50X pong systems Game console This family of consoles used GI chips in a cartridge, not ROM cartridges.
PC-8801 Home computer Japanese line of proprietary Z80-based computers
PC-9801 Home computer Japanese line of proprietary x86 computers?
PC-FX Game console The Successor of the Turbographix-16.
PCW Computer Includes PCW-16?
Pippin Game console A sort-of PowerMac compatible console.
PlayStation Game console PSX usually refers to this platform.
PlayStation 2 Game console PS2 usually refers to this family of machines.
PlayStation 3 Game console PS3 is the common name
PlayStation Portable Handheld game system PSP is the common name
PocketStation Console addon requires Sony PS1 ( Japanese models). Released only in Japan, even though some other markets got the games.
Psion series 3 PDA Early PDA platform. Palm is more known.
Sinclair QL Computer First 16-bit home computer.
R-Zone Handheld game system Another early 3D-system. Worse than the Virtual Boy.
S-100 systems Hardware standard \ computers S-100 bus machines, mostly running CP/M derivatives, but other systems too. Old and rare platform.
SS-50 systems Hardware standard \ computers SS-50 bus machines, mostly running CP/M derivatives, but other systems too. Old and rare platform.
Sega 32x Console addon Requires Sega Genesis
SG-1000 Game console Also includes Sega's first computer, the SC-3000 series.
Saturn Game console Sega's answer to the PS1 and N64.
Spectrum Home computer Includes all clones, even the Scorpion and Pentagon.
Studio II Game console One of the first game console platforms to support ROMs.
Super A'Can Game console A Taiwanese 16-bit console. Used dual Motorola and MOS CPUs.
Super Nintendo Game console The eventual winner of the 16-bit console wars.
SVI-318 Home computer This appears to the platform Microsoft derived the MSX standard from, but its not compatible with the MSX.
TI Model 990/10 Computer
TI-99/4A Home computer Also includes the TI-99/4.
TO7 Home computer Includes the TO7/70 and T9000.. the best of the hardware is the 7/70.
Tomy Tutor Home computer
TRS-80 Home computer Note here each main model is a platform as well. (ie Model I, Model III and Model IV).
TurboGraphix CD Console addon Requires Turbographix 16.
TurboGraphix-16 Game console Includes the CD and handheld versions too. Also known as the PC-Engine in Japan. Has a few clones.
Vax Minicomputer
VC 4000 Game console Includes 1292 compatible systems.
Vic 20 Home computer Early successful home computer
Vectrex Game console Vector based games similar to those in the arcades at the time.
Virtual Boy Handheld game system
Watara Supervision Handheld game system Another game boy knockoff. Its a different platform from both the Game Master and the Mega Duck.
Wii Game console Responsible for getting many people (back) into gaming.
WonderSwan Handheld game system Decent Japanese-only platform.
X1 series Home computer
X68000 Computer This family of hardware was only available in Japan.
XBOX Game console The 2nd Intel based console.
XBOX 360 Game console
Zeebo Game console Not sure if this platform will hit the US or mainstream markets, but its popular in Brazil.
Zodiac Handheld game system
ZX80 Home computer Early cheap platform. Cloned in USSR and South America a bit.
PDP-11 Minicomputer
System/360 Mainframe
System/370 Mainframe
ESA/390 Mainframe
IBM AS/400 Mainframe
DEC PDP-8 Minicomputer
PC-140x Pocket computer The main platform of pocket computers.
PB-100 and derivatives Pocket computer
FX-700 series Pocket computer
FX-720P Pocket computer
TI-80 series calcuators Graphing calculator

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