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IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.

IRC is the most popular chat server and client software.

In IRC there are certain commands

You can create a IRC channel by typing /join #channel and replace "channel" with the name of your choice, you can only have one word in a channel or you can separate them by underscores ( _ ).

You join a network that hosts a IRC service by typing /server irc.ircserver.tld (irc.ircserver.tld is used as a example)

IRC Bots:

IRC Bots are used to make the channel or server more efficient however some IRC bots are not as helpful, actually, they can be quite a pain and cause much grief for server and channel users if programmed incorrectly and destructive.

However there are many type of IRC Bots, there are some that give operator (moderator) status in channels(+O), give voice to users in channel (+V) or take them away.

Many IRC servers have Administrators that can access a administrative panel to do many duties, they have the ability to do what a channel operator can do and much more including Kline (Kill Line) (banning a username, I.P. address or range permanently) AKill (somewhat like a Kline except bans the username and I.P. address of anyone that connects on either of the 2 and proceeds to ban the new set as well.)

Administrators may also modify channels to either close them, move them (depending on IRC Server Software) and

Administrators also have the ability to kill users without banning.

IRCop or IRC operator has the ability to kill users but not ban them.


Depending on what web browser you use, the IRC URL begins with irc://



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