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Name Manufacturer Country\Region(s) Notes
Intellivision Mattel Electronics US, Europe, Brazil
Intellivision II Mattel US, Europe, Brazil?

Variants Edit

The Intellivision II was different in the following ways

  • A much smaller footprint
  • Grey plastic case with a thin red stripe circling the unit
  • External power supply (not standard by any means)
  • Detachable controllers (although the fire buttons on these controllers are nearly impossible to use, and darn uncomfy =) )
  • Combination Power/Reset switch (probably the most annoying feature of all. you have to hold the switch for 5 seconds in order to turn the unit off)
  • Power LED Indicator

Also the Intellivision II had a different BIOS to support the System Changer. [1]

Clones Edit

Name Model Manufacturer Country\Region(s)
Intellivision III\Super Pro System. 3504 INTV Corp. Variations exist.
Telegames Super video arcade  ? Telegames US?
Sears Video Arcade Sears US
Sears Super Video Arcade 497.75022 Sears US
GTE-Sylvania INTV Sylvania
Tandyvision MC100 Tandy

As can be seen by this list, the vast majority of the clones are official or licensed machines. The Sears version had a chip that suppressed the "Mattel Electronics" on bootup, caused some Title screen problems. Also there are possibly two or three didferent different

INTV variations Edit

When INTV released the Intellivision 3, apparently they released controllers and console in three different variations, the labels raised, the buttons completely flat

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Source disputes Edit

The Ultimate Console database andINTV Funhouse disagree on whether Telegames made a clone, and also how many clones were licensed to Sears. Also According to Ultimate Console database, there was an Intellivsion III released in Brazil by Digiplay. Until a third source ( Most websites tend to simply use the INTV Funhouse FAQ) that can either reconcile or disprove one or the other source, both sources are considered legitimate.

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