A Game franchise is a series of related Video games. Most games are in a franchise of some kind. Most franchises are done by the same people who started them, but franchises like Manic Miner/Jet Set Willy have been known to be continued by fans. Continuing a franchise doesn't mean remaking an existing game, but means adding a new game to it.

Series v Franchise[edit | edit source]

A series like a franchise is a set of related video games, usually a series tells a story in some form, where a franchise doesn't have to. Also a franchise can have a series in ( the Final Fantasy franchise has the Final Fantasy Tactics series in it, for example. The Zork franchise includes the Enchanter trilogy and Zork trilogy as well.

Cross-franchise series[edit | edit source]

These do exist, but are quite rare. The big ones are Capcom vs SNK and Capcom x Namco. There are also individual games that could be considered cross-franchise, but usually its not too common.

Dead franchises[edit | edit source]

A Dead franchise is a franchise that has no activity, and usually isn't profitable enough to add new entries into. This mostly happens with the older franchises that didn't keep their fanbase up.

Reborn franchise[edit | edit source]

This occurs when the franchise has been dead at least 5 years, then suddenly a new entry appears in it. An example of this occuring is when Activision added Legends of Zork to the Zork franchise in 2007.

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