The Game Cube was a video game console developed by Nintendo. It is shaped in the form of a cube, and is probably best known for hosting the Mario Franchise for several years (late 2001 to early 2007). It succeeded the Nintendo 64 and in 2007 was replaced by the Wii.

It was released in September 2001 and ran until 2007. The Game Cube was also known for being very family-friendly. Its market share was in third place for most of its run, behind the Playstation 2 and Xbox. Some of the most popular games the Game Cube carried were the Madden NFL games (which were sold on other consoles as well) and the wildly popular Mario series which was only available on Game Cube until the release of the Nintendo Wii.

The system could support up to four controllers at once. Even after production was ceased, Game Cubes remained on the market until the last ones were sold. After they were gone, the games for the console almost completely disappeared. Now most games for it are purchased online.

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