Dick Smith Electronics is an Australasian electronics retailer founded in 1968 by Dick Smith. The business started as a small car radio installation business in the Sydney suburb Artarmon, but has expanded to the point where it currently employs more than 3,000 people.

After finding that installing two-way radios didn't pay, Dick Smith moved into electronic components and do-it-yourself project kits from around 1970. After touring overseas electronic stores to study modern merchandising methods, he introduced self-serve shopping and produced a mail-order annual catalogue with a substantial data section.

To ensure almost every electronic enthusiast in Australia had one of his catalogues, he paid for it to be included free in the popular electronics magazines such as Electronics Australia and Electronics Today International. This catalogue continues to be produced to this day.

As the company pertains to this Wikia, the importance comes from their marketing of various VTech products in Australia and New Zealand.

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