A Desktop Computer or Desktop is a computer designed to sit on a person's desk.


Desktops first appeared in the late 1970's as a process of putting technology in people's homes.

Following the introduction of microprocessors with the Intel 4004, developed by Busicom and Intel from 1969 to 1971, the first microcomputers were developed from 1972, starting with Sord Computer Corporation's SMP80/08. The microcomputer revolution began with the introduction of home computers in 1977, with the Apple II, Sord M200 Smart Home Computer and Commodore PET. Home computers became the basis for desktop computers.



Commodore 64

In the 1980's, desktops started to become more popular among home and office users. New OSes started to appear in computers.

Such OSes include:

  1. Apple System
  2. Microsoft Windows


In the 1990's there are more OSes. There are also new types of computers made for those systems.

Desktops now have a competitor; The laptop.


Feature Desktop Laptop Netbook Pocket PC's
Heat sink Does not overheat; the central heat sink bows off all/most heat generated. Laptop blows away 1/4 of heat generated. Ventilation only Does not produce much heat.
Speed Can go very fast (up to 6GHz) Batteries slow down speed, AC boosts it's speed. Very Slow (same as Netbook)
Screen Big and wide (max 32") Medium (max 21") Small (max 8") Very Small (max 4")
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