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[[Category:Digital Research]]
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DOS Plus
Developer(s) Digital Research
Family CP/M & MS-DOS
User Interface CLI

DOS Plus (also known as DOS+) is an operating system written by Digital Research, first released in 1985. It can be seen as an intermediate step between CP/M-86 and DR-DOS. DOS-Plus would change its name and become DR-DOS in 1988.

Versions[edit | edit source]

  • DOS Plus 1.0? - Jan 09, 1986
  • DOS Plus 1.2 - April - July 1986. In July, 1986 GEM was released
  • DOS Plus 2.0 - March 1988

Computers that used DOS Plus[edit | edit source]

DOS Plus was the main operating system for the non-PC compatible BBC Master 512 and the Philips Yes. PC compatible versions were supplied with the Amstrad PC-1512 and the TRAN Jasmin Turbo.

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