The Cromemco Single Card Computer (SCC) is a Z-80 ( computer on a single Printed Circuit Board (PCB.) In addition to the Z-80 (running at 4 MHz) it also includes a serial port, three parallel ports, five timers, 1 kilobyte of RAM and four IC sockets for up to either four 2708 1 KB, or four 2716 2 KB, EPROM chips. This was all placed on a single S-100 bus ( compatible PCB.

In the introduction of the SCC Instruction Manual (,) Cromemco says:

The Cormemco Single Card Computer (SCC) is a Z-80A based, S-100 bus microcomputer subsystem.  The SCC is self-contained, excepting external power, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-scale dedicated applications.  The SCC provides all the features one could want in a powerful, yet reasonably priced, single card microcomputer (see Figure 1)

The SCC was designed for control purposes, and in addition to a built-in monitor program, had a version of Dr. Li Chen Wang's Tiny BASIC, called 3K Control BASIC, available. The BASIC along with the monitor fit into two 2016, 2 KB EPROMs. This allowed simple programming of control tasks with easy access to modify memory and/or input/output (I/O) devices.

Cromemco also included this SCC as the default CPU in their 1980 Cromemco System Zero computer system. This control system included a 4-slot S-100 motherboard, a card cage, a power supply and a rack-mountable case.

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