Stubs are articles that are incomplete or do not provide enough information to help the reader. They are usually tagged with this stub notice, show below:

This article is a stub. You can help Computer Wiki by expanding it.

Stubs are usually, but not always, of low quality. Here is how you can improve a stub article.

Step One: Be sure you know what topics are appropriate for Computer Wiki, because articles that do not follow our guidelines will be deleted by an administrator. Also, you should do a search to be sure that there are not already articles that cover the same topic.

Step Two: Do some research. Finding out more about the topic is the most important thing you can do to help this article. Be sure to do research on all parts of the topic, including some that are not currently included in the article. Be sure you obtain your new information from sources you know are accurate.

Step Three: Begin rewriting or adding to the artcilce. Sometimes it is easier to add to what the article already contains, and sometimes it is best to simply start over fresh and completely redo the article yourself. It all depends on the page you are editing. Your edit should contain proper grammar. Each sentence should start with a capital, end with a period, have a subject and predicate, ect.

Step Four: Revise your edit before you save. Check spelling and grammar, accuaracy (how true your aticle is. It should contain only true facts, no opinions), and be sure there are no personal references.

Step Five: Save the page and provide an edit summary. The edit summary contains a brief description of what you did to the article. It should not be longer than a few words. In the case of improving a stub, you could put summaries such as "rewrote article", "improved stub", ect.

An article is generally no longer considered a stub when there are a few good paragraphs, each containing at least three to six sentences.

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