A computer is a logical electronic device design that performs high-speed mathematical or logical operations, correlates and processes information from data that is input, retrieved or processed.


All the physical parts of computer are called Hardware.

Input devices are used to give computer our instructions.



Keyboard is the only device which can type and give instructions to the computer.



Mouse is the only device from which we can point and click to give instructions,It can also draw on the computer which any other device can't.



Microphone is the only device from which we can give sound data.



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These are the two devices which are used in playing games.These are Different Devices,From Joystick we can move object faster and it has only one button.Gamepad

has multiple buttons just like Xbox and PS3 controllers.

Output Devices are the devices from which we get results of the data we gave.

Sharp ax286n 1


Monitor is an output device which displays output on the screen,It cannot be seen permenantly and this is called Soft Copy.

Printers are the output devices which can display output on a paper,It can be seen permenantly and this is called Hard Copy.

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Impact Printer

Impact printers are low quality printers,makes noise,slow speed and does strike on the ribbon.

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Non-Impact Printer

Non-Impact printers are high quality printers,doesn't makes noise,fast speed and does not strike on the ribbon.



Speakers are the output devices which

gives sound output which we gave from microphone.

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Plotter is similar to printer but printer can't print out difficult designs that plotter can. eg: House Design

Storage Devices are the devices which can store the data inside them.

Hard disc

Hard Disc

Hard Disc can store 200GB to 3TB,It is not portable because it is fixed inside the computer.

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Compact Disc (CD)

It is an optical storage device with a storage capacity more than 700 Megabytes.It is also a portable device.



It is an optical storage device with a storage capacity of 4.7GB to 17.08GB.It is also a portable device.

Blu-ray disc

Blu-ray Disc

It is an optical storage device with a storage capacity of 25GB to 200GB.It is also a portable device.


Flask Drive

It is an USB device which can store 2GB to 256GB.It is also a portable device.

Processing devices Process the data given by a user

CPU is a processing device which has two parts,it is also known as the brain of the computer.

CU is the Control Unit of the CPU,It decodes the users instruction.

Aritmathic Logic Unit does Aritmathic and Logical operations

Software is an important part of the computer system,without it computer would be a dumb machine.

System software is the main software which loads data on the screen.

Operating System Software governs both hardware and software.



Windows are now a days avalible. They are inside every laptop and computer.They display the output.

Application software is made to solve user's particular problems.

It is a word processing software which is used to create,modify or format the text documents.

MS excel
It is a spreadsheet package which can be used to create marks sheet,salary statements,budgets,etc.

This application is used to create multimedia presentation on the computer.

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