Commodore 64 is a computer used during the 1980s. It uses Basic OS for it's programs.


An image of a Comodore 64 keyboard

Commodore Models Edit

C64 Edit

The original brown box C64. (pictured)

C64C Edit

In 1986, Commodore released the Commodore 64C (C64C) computer, which was functionally identical to the original, but whose exterior design was remodeled in the sleeker style of the Commodore 128 and other contemporary design trends. The modifications to the C64 line were more than skin deep in the C64C with new versions of the SID, VIC and I/O chips being deployed--with the core voltage reduced from 12v to 9v. In the United States, the C64C was often bundled with the third-party GEOS GUI-based operating system. The Commodore 1541 disk drive received a matching face-lift resulting in the 1541c. Later a smaller, sleeker 1541-II model was introduced along with the 800 KB 3.5-inch capable 1581.

C64GS Edit

Main article: C64 Game System

Clones Edit

Operating System Edit


Main article: KERNAL

Kernal is the primary operating system of the C64.


GEOS was compatible with the C64,

CP/M Edit

Main article: CP/M

On the C-64, CP/M

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