Commodore 16
Type: home computer
Manufacturer(s) Commodore International
CPU MOS 8501
CPU Speed 1.773 MHz
RAM 16 KB to 64 KB

The Commodore 16 was one of the successors to the Commodore 64. It was a commercial failure. The Commodore 16 and Plus/4 are both based around the TED (Text Editing Device) chip, which combines graphics and sound functions.

Prototypes and variants Edit

Commodore 16 Prototype

The early prototype of the C16 contains a huge and very cheap constructed single sided PCB inside a hand-painted C64 case. Only one board is known to exist, plus its the only one single sided PCB ever made by Commodore.

Commodore 116 Edit

The primary difference between the C16 and C116 was the keyboard (C16 re-used the old VIC/C64 case in black/light grey, C116 has rubber keys and a "diamond" cursor key layout) and the smaller case. The C116 also had a chiclet keyboard

Commodore 116 Portable Edit

The portable version of the 116, only a few prototypes are rumored to exist.

Commodore 232 Edit

The difference between the 232 and other versions of the C16/C116 was the machine had 32 KB Ram built in. It's a prototype.

Plus/4 Edit

Main article: Commodore Plus/4

The Plus/4 was the 264 with the built-in 3+1 software suite.

Commodore 264 Edit

The 264 was a prototype of the +4. The primary difference here is this prototype had 64KB RAM built in.

Commodore 364 Edit

The 364 was a 264/+4 that had a built-in speech synthesizer.

Built-in software Edit

The Plus/4 came with built-in productivity software. All three programs - a word processor, spreadsheet and database - were severely limited in terms of functions and capacity.

Emulation Edit

There are several Commodore 16/Plus 4 emulators for various platforms:

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