Atari 2600
Manufacturer: Atari
Processor(s): 6507
Platform/Family: Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 (originally known as the Atari VCS which stood for Video Computer System) was Atari's first and most successful videogame console. It was powered by a 6507 and had a cartridge slot; 2 joystick ports; TV mode toggle switch (which toggled between black & White and color); two difficulty toggles; and a TV RF-Jack. Due to the type of port, many machines controllers were at least physically compatible with the Atari 2600. There are many clones of the 2600, also Atari made the [[Atari 2700] which were the same system with prototype hardware. Atari 2800 was the Japanese Atari 2600.

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