Arcadia 2001
Manufacturer: Emerson
Processor(s): Signetics 2650
Platform/Family: Arcadia

The Emerson Arcadia 2001 was Emerson's only attempt to get into the video game industry. The Arcadia was an 8-bit game cosnole that uses cartridges. Emerson licensed out the Arcadia to various companies in Canada, Europe and Japan. The Arcadia consoles used a Signetics 2650 CPU. Despite this, they were not compatible with the 1292 series Like the 1292 series, the Arcadia came in many variations, most of which looked identical to the original Emerson model. Although the Arcadia's were all binary-compatible, they always couldn't swap the games because each family had different slots.

Tech Specs Edit

  • CPU 2650/2650A
  • Audio-visual co-processing unit Signetics 2637
  • RAM: 1024 Bytes
  • ROM: None
  • Media supported: Cartridges
  • Sound:
  • Display: 9 Colors total; 4 for characters, 4 for sprites, one for background. System includes 4 independent, single color hardware sprites.

Clones/Variants of the Arcadia Edit

The different families are: Emerson, MPT-03, ORBIT, PALADRUM, and ORMATU.

Name Manufacturer Family
Advision Advision Emerson
Arcadia Bandai Emerson
Arcadia 2001 Emerson Radio Emerson
Cosmos Tele-Computer Emerson
Dynavision Morning-Sun Commerce MPT-03
Ekusera P.I.C MPT-03
Hanimex MPT-03 Hanimex MPT-03
HMG-2650 Hanimex Emerson
Home Arcade Centre Hanimex Emerson
Leisurevision Leisure-Dynamics Emerson
Leonardo GIG Electronics Emerson
Ormatu 2001 Ormatu Electronics BV Ormatu
Palladium Video Computer Game Palladium Palladium
Poppy MPT-03 Tele Computer Spiel Poppy MPT-03
Prestige Video Computer Game MPT-03 Prestige MPT-03
Rowtron 2000\Rowtron Video Computer Game MPT-03 Rowtron MPT-03
Sheen Home Video Centre 2001 Sheen
Soundic MPT-03 Soundic MPT-03
Telebrain Mr. Altus Palladium
Tryom Video Game Center Tryom Arcadia?
Tunix Monaco Leisure Emerson
UVI Compu-Game Orbit Orbit
Videomaster Grandstand Orbit

[1][2] It is possible that some of these were rebranded for other markets.

Alledged compatibly with Interton Consoles Edit

No, these two console groups are definitely NOT ROM-compatible with one another. Given the available evidence gathered by scientific testing methods which appear to be sound, there seems to be both no backward and no forward software compatibility between these two console groups. [3]

Emulation Edit


WinArcadia Emulator

References Edit

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