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The Luxor ABC 800 series are office-versions of the ABC 80 home computer. They featured an enhanced BASIC interpreter, a slightly faster clocked CPU and more memory: 32 KB RAM & 32 ROM was now standard, the Z80 is clocked at 3.58 MHz (using an NTSC color subcarrier crystal). It featured 80 x 24 text mode with 8 colors. But they could also be extended with "high" resolution graphics (240 x 240 pixels) using 16 kB RAM as videomemory.

The ABC 800 came in a monochrome version with amber text on brown background with an 80 character wide screen, and a color version with 40 characters. The main board is integrated with the keyboard much like the Amiga 500. However the ABC computers has a very sturdy metal chassi.

Storage is usually two 5.25" floppy disk units in 160, 320 or 640 kB capacity. External hard disk systems became available later (primarily the ABC 850 with 10 MB). Model numbers 'ABC 800 M' for monochrome and 'ABC 800 C' for color.

"Who needs IBM-compatibility?", asked Luxor's adverts. However, most computer buyers eventually considered it a requirement. A certain compatibility could be achieved between the ABC-world and the PC-world with the help of a program called 'W ABC'.

The ABC 800 computer was also sold by Facit by the name Facit DTC.

Each model appears to have the Intel 8035 controller in them for I\O.

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Emulation Edit

  • MESS - Has a driver for each machine listed.
  • WinABCEmu
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